Thanks in part to the work and generosity of LGBTQ activists and allies since the HIV/AIDS crisis of the 80’s and 90’s, we’re in a new world. A positive HIV diagnosis doesn’t carry the same fear or stigma as it once did, and our community has made much progress toward equity, love, and acceptance in America and among the Latin community.

Despite the progress, Latinx LGBTQ people are still vulnerable, and much work to educate people in and out of the community remains to be done. Latinx people have a share of new HIV diagnoses that, one generation may have experienced both struggle and success, but the next generation is in danger of only seeing the success. That is why we feel our mission of HIV education and supporting scholars who will become leaders in service of equity is so important. This tradition of love and knowledge will outlive us all.

Most of us have our own stories of hardship and injustice, and we have friends and family who’ve faced economic, physical, citizenship, or health insecurity. At VIDA we hope to keep reminding ourselves we’re not alone, to keep educating people about HIV, and fighting discrimination of all kinds. To learn more about who we are and the community we’ve helped, check out our photo galleries from events we’ve held, our own biographies, and some stories from people who are part of our community. We’ve collected stories from people who truly live VIDA and we hope they inspire solidarity and hope in others.

We are not alone; we are alive. We are VIDA. People who join our movement can expect their money to do several things to advance our core mission:


  • Portion of your dollar goes to promoting health & HIV education in the Latinx community

  • Portion of your dollar goes to advocacy & awareness of social stigmas and language barriers in our community

  • Portion of your dollar goes to the LGBTQ Latinx Scholarship Fund for those individuals who are dedicated to human rights & equality for all people

  • Portion of your dollar goes to building networks with community organizations & leaders to effectively respond to challenges of health & social disparities in our Latinx community

  • Portion of your dollar goes to providing resources for treatment and HIV resources within the Latinx community